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Get #Nottingham Trending

On Tuesday 29th May 2012 the second “Get #Nottingham Trending” day will be taking place with many tweeters poised to make a concerted effort to get #Nottingham to trend.

Get #Nottingham Trending 29th May 2012

Get #Nottingham Trending

The first event on 20th April may not have actually got #Nottingham trending on Twitter, but over 10,000 tweets with the #Nottingham hash tag were sent.

You might be wondering why this is important – who cares if Nottingham trends? Well, all too often Nottingham is dragged through the press for the wrong reasons and is tarnished by isolated events committed by a small minority.

So why not get Nottingham noticed for the right reasons?

Get tweeting on 29th May for the things that those of us who live and work in Nottingham love about our fine city, or the achievements, events, places and people that contribute to the place we call Nottingham. Remember to include the hashtag #Nottingham though!

Some Caution

Twitter does have algorithms and checks in place to prevent abuse of the currently trending topics. Specifically they warn against

  • Repeatedly posting duplicate or near-duplicate content (links or tweets)
  • Abusing trending topics or hashtags (topic words with a # sign)
  • Sending automated tweets or replies
  • Using bots or applications to post similar messages based on keywords
  • Posting similar messages over multiple accounts

See this Twitter help page for more details.

Get connected

If you would like to get involved and follow the progress of the campaign until #Nottingham day on Twitter then

Who knows on 29th May we may see the following –

Making Nottingham Trend - the lazy way!

Making Nottingham Trend - the lazy way!

Get #Nottingham Trending day is the idea of Tony Bates (@babblingbates), supported by Council Leader Jon Collins, local MP Lilian Greenwood & many more.