Choosing a Nottingham Removals Company

Choosing a Nottingham removals company to help you move house is not like choosing a new brand of shampoo or choosing to have a Starbucks Caffè Latte rather than a Costa Coffee Macchiato.

If the shampoo makes your hair smell like a wet pigeon you stop using it; if you prefer the Starbucks blend to the Costas blend then you don’t go back to Costa. The consequences are short lived and almost inconsequential.

If you are an average person you’ll probably move house, flat or apartment about once every 6 or 7 years. This makes the choice of a removals company in Nottingham a bit of a gamble and demands careful research.

Make the wrong choice when choosing a house removals specialist and it could leave you, your property or your possessions scarred by a badly executed move or in extreme cases have your furniture held to ransom.

Unless you are a serial mover you’ll be starting from scratch in your research. So, what do you need to look out for when choosing a Nottingham removals company?

Are printed directories still relevant?

removals-nottingham-yellow-pages-1000x288Before the Internets were invented, it used to be enough for a removal company in Nottingham to simply to advertise in the Nottingham Yellow Pages or the Thomson Local and wait for the calls. Nottingham removals companies advertising in the Yellow Pages could go some way to convincing potential customers of their credentials, partly due to the costs involved in getting an advert in the Yellow Pages and partly because your postal address had to be supplied and was published with your advert.

Times have changed and it seems that any Tom, Dick or Harry can advertise in the Yellow Pages offering themselves up as a professional removals company. Looking through the 2011/12 directory, removal ‘company’ listings are included with simply a mobile number and without a contact address. Some even make wild claims like having served over 250,000 customers in 24 years!

Advice would be to use the Yellow Pages to verify and cross reference the details you have found elsewhere.

Searching for Removal Companies on the Internet

removal-companies-nottingham-search-results-1000x288The trouble is that anyone can throw up a glossy website filled with stock photos of an imagined business, smiling people holding boxes or keys, stock photos of removal vans that, should you fall for the gloss, won’t be used on your move.

Have a look around at some moving sites – you’ll start to notice the same images cropping up. A Nottingham removal company with pictures of American moving trucks outside a Florida Condo for example or the same cheery guy in the office packing crates should make you wonder if the rest of it is real.

The internet makes It very difficult to distinguish a decent reputable removals company in Nottingham, from simply a man that has a van, in it for a bit of cash on the side. It is easy to knock up a removals website with all of the credentials laid out, anyone can do that.

But do you want to trust just anyone with your most valuable possessions? Sometimes the signs are there and they are easy to spot, other times you may not realise until it is too late.

dodgy-man-or-dodgy-vanOnline reviews can go both ways so would suggest taking them with a pinch of salt. Unless they are attributable to real customers who have paid for and used the services of the company being reviewed it is impossible to say whether they are genuine.

  • Positive reviews could be the business themselves trying to give themselves a boost by falsifying reviews
  • Negative reviews  posted by rival companies in an effort to narrow the marketplace

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