Choosing a Nottingham Removals Company

Trade Associations for Removal Companies

There are two main trade associations that removal companies can pay to become members of. In return the company gets to display the association or guild logos on their vehicles and marketing materials.

The conditions of joining are not especially onerous. In the case of one, a removal company can become a member after only 1 year of trading. The same association will tell you that you should choose one of their members as they have the “necessary training, expertise, insurance and professionalism to carry out your move”.

Whilst that may be true, there are Nottingham removal companies who have been established far longer, are not members of a guild or association and are delivering first class removals day after day and year after year.

Advice would be not to choose a removal company simply because they are paid-up members of an association or guild.

Removal Quote Comparison Sites

There are two flavours to these type of sites; one exists to capture details of your removal and to pass your details onto multiple removals companies so that they can quote you; the second allows you to get bids for your removal from anyone that has signed up to the site as an amateur mover, courier or removal company. This type of ‘reverse auction’ drives down the price of your move.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both.

Quote Sites


  • Input your details once, all movers get the same details and can make the same assessment of your move
  • May include additional tools like an on-line move planner


  • Limited number of removal companies; not all removal companies are signed up to such sites
  • Are your details secure and only provided to removal companies? Or will you start getting calls or emails from conveyancers, insurance companies or energy providers

Bidding Sites


  • If enough bidders are interested, the price of your move should be driven down.
  • Feedback from other users on those bidding


  • Lowest bid may not be the best bid if you want someone to take the correct amount of time and care when moving your most valued possessions.

Personal Recommendations

A personal recommendation is still likely to be the most reliable way to find out about a removals company in Nottingham.

You will want to ask around and get a recommendation or a big clue to steer clear – “who moved Aunty Alice 10 years ago, they were good”, “Who was that who moved your best mates brother Bob last year, they dropped his washing machine off the back of the removal van”.

Of course you don’t know the circumstances of everybody else’s move – perhaps Bob’s washer was replaced with a brand new one by the company. Perhaps Aunty Alice paid over the odds? Guess the message here is take the recommendations, but make up your own mind what is important to you.

Normally it will come down to cost.

The man with a van that quoted £65 to move your furniture from Beeston to West Bridgford may have seemed like a good idea at the time, but when he didn’t turn up because his van broke down and he did not have the resources to organise a replacement then how much of a bargain was it?

Nobody  would choose a stressful removal so you need to make sure you have done your homework and have not simply chosen a removal company based on receiving a quote £10 cheaper than the next.

There’s an idiom that might be appropriate to mention or rather to illustrate –



if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys

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