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Is moving house stressful?

a house for sale

House For Sale

Moving house is often quoted as being a highly stressful event second maybe to divorce or bereavement. Does it need to be like this though?

Selling and buying a property with exchange of contracts and completion due on the same day is likely the biggest cause of stress.

In recent times there has been a move to exchanging  contracts prior to the completion of the sale.

Once contracts are exchanged, all parties are legally bound to complete the sale or purchase. If sellers or buyers now wish to walk away from transactions they have committed to, they can be held legally accountable.

By arranging the transaction in this way the day of your move can be arranged and reasonably relied upon.

On the day of completion the process of transferring funds can commence. This is typically the original deposit and funds being drawn down from lenders and sent to the next solicitor along the chain. Depending on the length of the chain and where you are in it this should be the most stressful part of your day.

Once the sale of the property you are moving from is completed, you will need to vacate it; likewise you would legally have right of possession over the property you are moving to.

All financial transfers are performed electronically most likely using CHAPS. Before such things had been implemented the movement of the money from buyer to seller was probably a more relaxed affair with some tangible evidence that something had or had not been done.

If you are using a professional removals company your move will need to be booked in well in advance of the actual move date.

If you are in a chain then there needs to be plenty of communication between you, your removal company, your solicitors and the others in the chain and once the completion date is known, confirm this in writing to your removal company.