When moving yourself is a bad idea

If you are selling your property and moving out on the day of exchange and completion then timing is everything.

You don’t want the professional removals company who your purchaser picked, waiting for you to move your furniture out of the property you have just sold. Your purchasers won’t thank you for it since it adds another layer of tension to an already fraught day.

Do-It-Yourself Removals

The formula is simple: You hire a van, post a message on facebook to your 279 ‘friends’ that you are moving and need help; 6 agree to turn up and help with the promise of free beer and pizza; you pick-up the van in the morning – although you got stuck at the van hire company because you couldn’t find the other half of your driving licence, they eventually send you on your way.

On arriving back at your house, flat or apartment – only 3 friends have turned up. You need to be clear of the property by 2pm, so the pressure is on to get moving. It starts raining. You spend half-an-hour attempting to dismantle your bed. Facebook Removal Friend #1 has to go as his amateur model of a girlfriend has called with a better offer (yes, we all have a friend like that!); Facebook Removal Friend #2 has a dodgy knee so can only carry small, light items.

You get the idea. It doesn’t take much for a DIY move to fall apart and throw the whole move out.

Assuming you hired a van, you don’t want to be making multiple trips because you miscalculated the size of the van or your ‘crew’ lacks the skills (and it is a skill!) to pack a van, to maximise the available space whilst ensuring nothing is damaged in transit.

If timing is not an issue and you can afford to make 10 trips with a half-packed van or if you can get a seasoned DIY mover on board with the confidence to direct your ‘crew’, then you may be able to pull off the perfect DIY move.

When moving yourself is a good idea

Sometimes circumstances dictate that there is no other option, whether this is due to financial pressures or an immediate need to vacate your property with no time to organise a professional mover.

If  a DIY removal is your only choice – through bad planning or sudden changes in circumstances and it becomes too late to book a professional removal company you will be  left hitting the phones trying to organise a self-drive van and a group of friends.

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